Agape is Donor Funded

Each year we rely on charitable donations from our supporters to provide the funds needed to house, feed, educate and provide medical care to our nearly 250 AIDS orphans. 

No staff outside of India are paid - all of Agape's donor relations, sponsorship management, and financial tracking are performed by volunteers in the U.S. Every dollar that is donated has a real and measurable impact on the orphans in our care.


This table shows our total expenses relative to our annual contributions in recent years. Our fiscal year ends March 31.  

                               2014              2015              2016          2017          2018

Expenses        $328,922      $353,209      $366,043     $350,950      $353,085

Donations       $373,392      $310,082      $351,433     $320,039      $472,108

Surplus/            $44,470       ($43,127)     ($14,610)     ($30,911)    $119,023


 Land  donation fund                                                                            $300,000*

* A special matching gift fund drive raised $300,000 in fiscal year 2018. These funds are being held in escrow for the express purpose of purchasing land where we can build our own facility. For more information about this project, please see the "Agape's Exciting Future" page under News & Events. 


Financial Transparency

You may view our Annual Financial Statements and IRS 990 Tax Filings at the bottom of this page. 

If you have any questions about our finances, please contact Joe Joseph -


How Your Donation is Spent

Every Dollar Counts

As the chart above indicates, the largest part of Agape's budget is spent on housing, followed by the cost to run our school from preschool through high school. Administration expenses are for staff involved in the day to day running of Agape in India. The smallest category of spending is fundraising, which is composed primarily of fundraising materials and the annual dinner in Boston. 

Agape AIDS Orphan Care is too small to be rated by charity rating agencies, but based on their criteria, Agape would be consistently be rated "A-" to "A+" in terms of operational efficiency. We are committed to financial transparency and we are Gold Star rated by Guidestar for financial transparency. Our Guidestar profile can be viewed by clicking the link above.   

Truly, every dollar that is donated to Agape AIDS Orphan Care has a real and measurable impact on the orphans. 

Guidestar Certification